Gibril Wilson: From the NFL to the ATL

Gibril Wilson: From the NFL to the ATL
It’s a yearly rite: one team from a field of 32 wins the Super Bowl and when asked what comes next, invariably the response is: “Going to Disney World!” But for Gibril Wilson, starting safety for the Super Bowl XXLII Champion New York Giants, the next stop was Atlanta.

Born in Sierra Leone and reared in San Jose, CA, Wilson currently wears number 28 for the Oakland Raiders. So why would the third highest-paid safety in football, who could make any city in the world his home for the six months when he’s not playing football, choose Atlanta? Proximity to the world’s busiest airport, a great climate, vibrant nightlife, cultural amenities, and especially, according to Wilson, “the abundance of beautiful women” has made Atlanta a city on par with New York and Los Angeles.

Indeed, for many professional athletes and countless celebrities (including Usher, Jane Fonda, André Benjamin, and Elton John), Atlanta has become a convenient and comfortable hub.

Wilson purchased a newly constructed two-bedroom penthouse unit in a Midtown high-rise building. One enters his loft-style condominium via a dedicated elevator that opens into a warm, welcoming vestibule. From there, a capacious living room beckons with panoramic views of the surrounding towers and points beyond. He has a corner unit, so all the living and sleeping spaces feature floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s these windows, the changing light, and the views they offer that are “the point” of the space, according to Wilson.

The sleek and modern open kitchen is separated from the living room by a bar with a built-in sink and stools. The master bath befits a 6-foot, 210-lb. pro football star, featuring a huge tub, filled from the ceiling by a fountain of water. The total effect of the loft, when bare, was striking. But Wilson found the walls too monochromatic and felt the space needed to be defined and personalized by color and lighting.

So, he hired MaRae Simone, self-decribed “condo stylist,” (and LoftLife Expert) to reflect his individuality and make the space his own.

“My job is not to give the client what I want,” Simone explains. “It’s to give them what they want—their vision. What Gibril wanted was an Asian-inspired theme with a touch of Miami. He didn’t know what colors at first. I presented him with options, and he had opinions.” From these options and opinions, Simone discerned that Wilson wanted a “warm, neutral feel.”

“We designed it in stages,” Simone says. “I was originally hired to do paint colors and lighting, then Gibril agreed to let me (design) the living room. He was so satisfied with how the living room was progressing, he trusted me to make the rest of the space match.”

Wilson expected to be in his new home by the beginning of January, but happily, that plan was postponed. The New York Giants, entering the NFL playoffs as an underdog Wild-Card team, defied all expectations, winning every playoff and, ultimately, the Super Bowl. According to Simone, “The playoffs really helped. They gave me more time. Players were describing what they’d do with their playoff money, and Gibril’s allowed him to increase his budget.”

The hardest thing for Simone—other than keeping in touch with a man who “travels more than a flight attendant”—was convincing her client to allow artisan Bridgit Taylor to faux-finish the curved inset of the living room ceiling. “It took three months to convince him!” Simone says. “Now I think it’s one of the things he’s most pleased with.” Simone also loves the curved leather sofa from Cantoni in Atlanta that mirrors the curve of the ceiling.

Simone’s favorite space in the loft is the vestibule off the elevator. “Since it’s the first thing you see,” she explains, “Gibril wanted it to make a statement. I like the solid tiger wood strips going across the mirror—they really set his vestibule apart. I’m not a one-room shopper, but when I went to Roche Bobois, I found all the furniture and accessories there. I was amazed that what I envisioned was not only there, but readily available. It has a sharp, clean look. Many clients are afraid of black, and I appreciate Gibril trusting me to design with it. The vestibule ended up having a classy, masculine feel that can be appreciated by any gender.”

“When you get off the elevator, you’re greeted by the smell of redwood and firewood. It ties in with the masculine feel of the room. Male clients want their homes to smell good, but not sweet. Sweet is ‘Mom lives here,’ ” she says with a smile. “A space should smell as good as it looks—the two go together.”

Wilson, after playing—and winning—four important games, finally arrived back home in Atlanta late one night in February to the unveiling of his home. He texted Simone two words, “Great job.”

Story by Katie Black
Photography by Amy Herr


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Norwich City s'est av茅r茅 trop fort pour le c么t茅 [url=]Scarpe nike air max[/url] Championnat Burnley, l'茅quipe de Paul Lambert se d茅fouler 脿 une victoire de 4-1 脿 Carrow Road, Pour une raison quelconque, le doigt de la suspicion a au d茅but du tournoi la moustache de Mario. "Qu'est-ce que Verbeek arrive [url=]Scarpe Nike Air Max BW[/url] 脿 savourer en retour, quant 脿 lui, est un joueur qui est" rapide, dribble bien, a une grande vision et sait comment contr么ler le rythme de un match 禄, selon Sigthorsson, qui, n茅anmoins, selon son ami" peut 锚tre trop agressif parfois,
. Il a re莽u son propre programme de remise en forme, mais [url=]2013 nike air max 97[/url] ses excuses plus t么t cette semaine a ouvert un itin茅raire de retour dans la formation avec l'茅quipe premi猫re. Nous ne pouvons pas jeter le bon travail que nous avons fait cette saison en raison de ces deux d茅faites
C'est un joueur merveilleux pour nous. Girard dispose d'un total de 13 joueurs de domicile 茅lev茅s 脿 sa disposition, une source de plaisir immense pour la pratique entra卯neur, qui a dit, "Quand vous travaillez avec des jeunes, il vous permet d'茅conomiser beaucoup de temps,.
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Buy through Shop Bop for $235.. While it's rare to see such dainty snakeskin juxtaposed against a [url=]Cheap Louis Vuitton Outlet[/url] wooden platform and nail head studs, let's not forget whom we're dealing with here he's Manolo at Shoe Snob!Who's Most Fab? Play FabSugar's MTV Movie Awards Faceoff!Understated, even unsparkly jewels can sometimes be chicest of all. Many days, especially during the upcoming casual season, call for a rejection of overt bling, like this bracelet at Jewel Snob.Red Carpet Fashion Awards wants to know Who Was Your Best Dressed At The 2011 MTV Movie Awards?Boy Meets Girl $500 Summer 2011 Shopping Spree at TheFind.Online Sample Sale Round Up: Vera Wang, Calvin Klein and More at The Budget Fashionista.Beauty Snob is quite excited to rediscover this old favorite, and this full facial treatment is filled with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and organic acids that replenish and moisturize the skin, leaving it buttery smooth and luminous!Beautiful Hair Bootcamp: Splitting Hairs with Ryan Nickulas Beautiful Hair Bootcamp at The Fashion Spot: Splitting Hairs with Ryan Nickulas.Muslin is the perfect summer material for tots lightweight and incredibly soft (and gets softer with each washing!).
They're certainly campy, as Marc no doubt wanted to complement his hard-to-digest line (Armani lite? Cavalli refined?). The bags are very specific and very targeted toward one niche group: rich ladies, or in this case, the wealthy Asian tai tai, that welcome the excess associated with sequins and bold colors and that much-loved color of fortune: gold.
Right now, though, I'm considering skipping April's payment, getting myself evicted and living in Central Park for the next two months. Naturally, I'd put that rent check toward the Louis Vuitton Sophia Coppola Bag PM in this amazing shade of turquoise.
The logo Y is also less noticeable as part of this design, genius! The duffel shape is casual, timeless and functional for daily use. It is no wonder YSL is the King of Bags! Seriously, this is WAY better than the Coco duffel from Alexander Wang. Turns out Colbie tries to stay away from leather products and is an animal rights activist. Upon reading that, I remember feeling slightly panicked.
I have a hat fetish, and love the creative interpretation of the Hat bag ($390)! Now if I can learn to carry all my stuff on top of my head in said hat bag, life would be perfect.Beau [url=]louis vuitton replica[/url] might be so cool that I hate her a little bit. A fashion emergency is never far away, though, and suddenly the team had to style a yoga photo shoot for Molly Simms
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Arsenal, de retour en troisi猫me et en course pour une place en Ligue [url=]air max[/url] des champions de l'UEFA, tentera de [url=]nike air max 90 baratas[/url] poursuivre leur r茅cente recrudescence 脿 la maison pour Aston Villa avec Gunners Ars猫ne Wenger, dont le jugement a 茅t茅 remise en question plus t么t dans ce qui 茅tait un chancelante saison, avertissant son 茅quipe de ne pas laisser en place maintenant.
Avec Robin van Persie aussi ramasser une r茅servation inutile quand il a pouss茅 sa main dans le visage de Sergio Ramos, il a 茅t茅 s'annonce dans une de ces soir茅es europ茅ennes m茅chamment mal 脿 l'aise - exactement le type Unies a subi lors de leur derni猫re visite 脿 Bernabeu il ya une d茅cennie.
Troisi猫me de la Conf茅rence Est, New York est la seule 茅quipe dans la ligue encore 脿 perdre 脿 la maison, tandis que Henry a maintenant 13 buts pour la saison. Cela lui six [url=]nike air max 97[/url] laisse derri猫re meilleur buteur Chris Wondolowski, qui a 茅t茅 la cible encore une fois pour les dirigeants occidentaux Earthquakes de San Jose dans leur victoire 2-0 脿 Chivas USA.
Pourquoi 茅tiez-vous si 茅motif quand vous avez quitt茅 le travail? C'茅tait une situation difficile parce que mon esprit 茅tait vraiment d茅chir茅e. Ma t锚te dit une chose et mon c艙ur a dit un autre. Ainsi que mes liens professionnels [url=]NIKE AIR MAX 97 SCARPE[/url] avec le Honduras, ma famille et moi avons trop de tr猫s fortes attaches personnelles. Nous avions connu une croissance tr猫s attach茅s au pays et il 茅tait difficile de dire que le projet a pris fin. Mes enfants ne voulaient pas partir. Il ya beaucoup de potentiel ici, avec une structure forte au niveau de la gestion et du [url=]air max command[/url] club. Avec les ressources ici il ya des raisons d'锚tre optimiste. Reinaldo Rueda, entra卯neur de l'脡quateur
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I figured it'd be quite fitting to feature Isabella Fiore's April Woven Bag today. Afterall, we just past mid-April, the trees and bushes started blooming and we're heading straight for the summer time. Feel free to begin playing ominous music in your head at this point. Cut straight to the evening's party, where everyone had gathered together to celebrate Chuck's deal, even though the deal wasn't done
Patrick's Day. But this bag will be memorable. It's details like these that make us dance with joy like little girls. Pre-order at Neiman Marcus for $995. I'm digging the distinctive hardware and the overall Rag Bone aesthetic that is infused into the design. In fact, I expect to see Rag Bone starting to garner growing attention in the contemporary accessory world.
A woman who can make Miss Nene Leakes step in to a conflict and try to make peace while cameras are rolling is an extraordinary woman indeed, but not in a way that's at all admirable or even vaguely positive. When you're making Nene look sane and reasonable, you need to stop what you're doing and immediately reevaluate every life decision you made up to that point.
Designers should remember that there's a fine line between perforated high-end handbag and basketball jersey, and making a bag with this kind of glaze does not bode well for staying on the right side of that line. The good news is that finishes like the one on this bag usually break in over time and become less fake-lookng; the bad news is that you still have to wear the bag until it looks like real leather again.
Black suede suddenly has new appeal. At Barneys New York for $1,045.This post is also available in: [url=]cheap nhl jerseys[/url] Chinese (Simplified). The entire scene was slurred and blurry, like we had all had a gin and tonic [url=]michael kors handbags on sale[/url] (or ten) before beginning the episode, but thankfully no conversation between the two of them will every be particularly complex or interesting, so I had no problem figuring out what anyone [url=]christian louboutin men[/url] was saying. I'm sure that the lack of focus was meant to represent their mutual sexual distraction, but since they've known each other for a week and are currently involved in a relationship of the student-teacher variety, I'm having a hard time feeling any kind of sympathy for them.
When mothers and daughters can both go into the same brand boutique and find things that they love and are proud to wear, you know a designer is really on to something. With Spring 2012 and all of the intricate details and mix-and-match patterns amazing accessories that accompany it, I dare you to prove me wrong.
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In our little corner of the [url=]lululemon outlet[/url] Internet, the answer to that question is, more often than not, a foregone conclusion: yes, duh. We're all so desensitized to the thought of paying $1500 and up for a bag, even if you've never done it yourself, that sometimes I honestly forget that the vast majority of the population experiences sticker shock when confronted [url=]michael kors outlet coupons[/url] with how much a Celine Luggage Tote or Proenza Schouler PS1 costs.
I was eying some beautiful Nancy Gonzalez croc bags and gorgeous jewels and jems, while being a little put off at my recent spending that was keeping me from purchasing something. If we were not lucky enough to be invited to this party, we also had the pleasure of [url=]louis vuitton outlet[/url] meeting of meeting Vivre's CEO, Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti.
One detail really stood out: a dress dripping gold chains across one arm (which caused Kelly to whisper to me, "Does one have to hold their arm up when wearing this gown,). The show closed with one potent gown after another, and the accessories (like opera gloves and Mongolian lamb vests) only added to the luxuriant effect: the Ralph Lauren girl has a taste for decadence. And I have a taste for Ralph!This post is also available in: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional).
She was headed out west to see her father, who was apparently quite ill. Bethenny has spoken obliquely in the past about her strained relationship with her dad, and her decision to see him at the end of his life mirrored pretty closely what Ramona had revealed about her own father last week.
Howdy, ladies. (Howdy? What was that? I don't even know. It's Friday.) On top of our ritual pre-weekend bag deals, which are still waiting for you after the jump, we've got a couple other fun sale-type things to talk to you about. First, Loyallist program members (it's a free signup) at Bloomingdale's have a special spend some, get some deal going on through the 24th - you can save up to $250 off your purchase, both online and in stores. Also, Tory Burch is having its resort seasonal sale, which means you can get up to 30% off cool, casual clothes that you can wear right now. Now that we've covered those things, let's get to the bags
Most luxury houses are incredibly wasteful, particularly those like Hermes who have the most meticulous of standards for what might constitue a flaw in a piece of material, rendering it useless for its normal products. The effort to use the waste toward something playful that consumers might enjoy is a good one, and Hermes has said that these products will only be manufactured when extra material is available.
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The frog is available in red and black patent leather, along with perforated metallic anthracite. The mouse also comes in perforated metallic anthracite. So I received my order in about 7 days, I must say the quality of the items I received and the Hermes packaging they came in were excellent, But! Yes, sadly there is a 'But' with this one鈥hey got the size of the bracelet totally wrong, the H bracelet comes in two widths, a narrow one of 1cm and a wider one of 2cm or so, I ordered the narrow one and received a bracelet that is 1.5cm wide! Now what is that! They don't even come in that size as far as I know and even on their site they describe it as being 1cm wide, I am sending an image of the bracelet I received against an authentic one I borrowed from a friend to compare, I emailed the customer service with this issue and I am still waiting for [url=]Cheap Jerseys[/url] a reply, what do you suggest I should do? I am also attaching an image of the belt I received, I don't have an authentic one to compare it with but I sure hope they got the size correct, quality is excellent for both items, but what good is an excellent quality replica in the wrong size? sorry if that was too long, Hello again, Maybe it's worth mentioning too on your site that have completely ignored my 3 emails complaining about the wronged sized bracelet, placing orders and making new payments they are very prompt answering, but when complaining they disappear! I'm also attaching images of the Artsy MM bag I received from Pursevalley I have the bag tanning outside in the pic hehehe, let me know what you think and if you need any more details about the purchase, it's the usual, friendly staff, excellent service and unbelievable quality, paid by western union and received order in a week, here are the pics, Wow thanks so much for all your contributions Ola
Buy through Net-a-Porter for $6750.. There are 2 outer pockets with magnetic closures, this is what gives the bag the expanded girth. Gorgeous, At Barneys New York for $2195. I want people to look at it and wonder when exactly Balenciaga made this bag and why. Because let's face it, this is not a safe choice.
Pockets are popping up all over our totes. Not that that's anything new, [url=]wholesale nfl jerseys[/url] but what is fresh is the volume of these little pouches 鈥?their pockets have pockets of their own! This Marcby Louis vuitton bag is similar to the MM6 x Opening Ceremony detachable-pocket tote, but with a younger, more playful personality, it's much cuter (although these pockets aren't going anywhere, so no change-purse bonus).Setting this family of pockets apart from the pack is the varying texture.
I am happy to say that the snake from yesterday is gone, but have to say I'd love to add this python clutch to my collection. Buy through Saks for $1,600. Alexander Wang has made more than a name for himself with the Coco and Rocco Duffel bags. The bags have been on everyone's radar, hard for people to find and hard for those that find them to pass up.
Built by American businessman John Jacob Astor as a companion to his Waldorf-Astoria, it was the tallest hotel in the city when it first opened in 1904 (St. Regis loves a good view). I'm not particularly comfortable with that, but I'm even less comfortable doing a mud run, so I suppose I'll have to deal with it. Meanwhile, Gretchen showed up to visit Alexis and check on [url=]hollister sale[/url] the results of her nose job five days after her surgery, which Alexis thought was unspeakably insulting.
Don't get me wrong, this is a Versace creation that I liked before even realizing it was Versace. The royal blue, brown, and cream color combo flows together beautifully. Bones. In these photos, she's doing just that, along with her grey embossed croc Givenchy Pandora Satchel.
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(08sircus)の2013年春夏コレクションは、ブランドの持つ無骨でアーティステックなイメージにな要素を加えて、遊び心を忘れない大人のニューを提案。色、素材、デザインへ特異な仕掛けと繊細な技術が施された、ブランドらしさにあふれた服たちが集まった。 トラッドスタイルの代表的格であるジャケットルックは、ひとつひとつ素材を変えることでそれぞれに個性をプラス。真っ白なパーカーとはコットンに柄が型押しされ、ベストとパンツのにはバラ柄の生地が使われている。裾はニットでウエストは素材で切り替えられた、のジョッパーズもオリジナリティあふれたデザイン。このような異素材の組み合わせがコレクションにひねりを効かせている。中でも様々な素材をふんだんに取り込んだ、ユニークな2ウェイのショートカーゴに注目。裾やポケットに異素材を使い、による色の濃淡で雰囲気を出した。パンツを覆うパーツをはずせば、まったく違った雰囲気を演出できるのも楽しい。パラフィン加工で独特の手触りと撥水加工をもたせたコートは、デザイナーが得意とするの要素を残しつつも、大人のトラッドにふさわしく、さわやかでエレガントに仕上げられた。    コレクションにアクセントを加えるのは、ピンクやブルーのペイズリー柄と、落ち着いた配色のオリジナルのチェックプリント。手描きのペイズリー柄をベースとしたプリントは美しい色合いと相まって繊細さを一層引き立てる。近づけば近づくほどこだわりが見えてくるアイテムたちは、さりげなく周囲と差をつけて、スタイルに自信を与えてくれるはず。

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アーティストの作品をワンピースとタイツにするブランド「ワンピースとタイツ」が、渋谷パルコ パート1に期間限定ショップをオープン。期間は2013年3月27日(水)から5月6日(月)まで。1月までオープンしていた「」。約3カ月の期間を経て、同じ場所でもう一度オープンした。前回よりも長い41日間の開催だ。今回新たに、愛☆まどんな、大山美鈴、ROTARIPARKERを参加アーティストに迎え、会期中にワンピースを発表する。さらに「ワンピースとタイツ」のセレクトによるアクセサリーや、参加アーティストのグッズもそろう。前回も盛況だったショップだけに、注目度の高い今回のオープン。いち早く新作をゲットして、春の装いを楽しみたい。【ショップ概要】ワンピースとタイツ パルコのお店期間:2013年3月27日(水)~5月6日(月)場所:渋谷パルコ パート1 4F 下りエスカレーター正面住所:東京都渋谷区宇田川町15-1営業時間:10:00~21:00

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の2009年春夏コレクションは、1950年代のアメリカの大学をイメージした「DIESEL UNIVERSITY」が舞台。

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2010年11月4日(木)と6日(土)の2日間、/の全店舗で大学生及び専門学生を対象にOPEN~15:00と18:00~CLOSEの時間で15%OFFのディスカウントを開催する。さらに、11月4日(木)の18:00からのB1Fでは、DJ DAIKIによるDJイベントや、バッグのプレゼント、TOPSHOP/TOPMANで使える3万円分のショッピングチケットを抽選でプレゼントなど、学生の為の「STUDENT SHOP」も開催され、目が離せないイベントとなる。学生の方は、この機会に是非TOPSHOP/TOPMANへ!【TOPSHOP/TOPMAM STUDENT SHOP 概要】■15% OFF SHOPPING日時 : 11月4日(木)、11月6日(土)の2日間 全店舗時間 : OPEN~15:00、18:00~CLOSE  (営業時間は店舗による)※全アイテム 15%OFF(セール商品は割引対象外)■DJ TIME by DJ DAIKI日時 : 11月4日(木)18:00~21:00 TOPMANミラザ新宿店■Student Exclusive GOODIES11月1日からstudent discountの利用で5000円以上お買い上げの方に、TOPSHOPではSTUDENT限定のファブリックバッグとフォルダーを、TOPMAN ではフォルダーをプレゼント(※在庫がなくなり次第終了)TOPSHOP/TOPMANでは学生支援の一環として学生?専門学生に10%の割引を提供。これはレジで学生証を提示した方に10%オフの割引にするサービス。(※学生証は発行日より一年以内の有効な学生証に限る)

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やなどのブランドを擁すジュンが、2013年6月12日(水)から7月16日(火)まで、イラスト?形?色?サイズが選べるカスタムチャリティTシャツをオンラインショップ限定で販売した。グラフィックを手がけたのは、ジュンがセレクトした12名のアーティスト。テーマは「summer vacation」。今回のプロジェクトのために描き下ろしたエクスクルーシブなイラストばかり。また売上の一部は、NPO法人の「チャリティ?プラットフォーム」を通じて、購入した方が関心のあるチャリティ先を選択して寄付することができる。選べる支援先のカテゴリーは、「東日本大震災復興支援」、「自然環境支援」、「子供支援」の3つ。おしゃれを楽しみながらチャリティに参加できるという一石二鳥のこのイベント。あなただけのオリジナルTシャツを作って、社会貢献してみるのはいかが。■オンラインショップURL【参加アーティスト】BOB FOUNDATION(クリエイティブグループ)CHIKAGE(デザイナー)CRUISE LORINZA(デザイナー)深澤亜衣(グラフィックデザイナー/アーティスト)fumiko imano(アーティスト)HIDEKO SHINOZAKI(ファッションデザイナー)金子裕亮(サインペインター)中室太輔(muroffice Promotion Planningディレクター)佐伯ゆう子(イラストレーター)Summer Kisses Winter Tears(イラストレーター)竹内俊太郎(イラストレーター)山川春菜(デザイナー)■チャリティ?プラットフォームとは「寄付文化の創造」を目指し、非営利団体の支援を行っている。信頼できる非営利団体を集めたプラットフォーム「チャリナビ」の運営や掲載団体と企業とのマッチング、キャンペーンなど行っており、設立から約3年半で11億円以上の寄付金を集める日本最大級のチャリティ関連団体。現在、180以上ものNPO/NGO団体と提携。その中から自分でサポートしたい団体を選んで個別に寄付することができる。


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