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Interview with Zakk Tyler on 92.9 Dave FM, Atlanta

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LoftLife publisher & CEO Joe Resudek was featured on Atlanta's Zakk Tyler's morning show on 92.9 Dave FM talking about the magazine, following the success of the launch party the night before on the roof lounge of Maxim Prime at the Glenn Hotel.

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LoftLife Magazine Launches In Atlanta

The Loftstyle Guide to Life in the City

New York, NY (May 12, 2008) — Modern Holdings, Inc., a Northeast-based private equity firm, announces the launch of LoftLife magazine and its companion website in Atlanta, Georgia. The quarterly publication addresses a previously untapped shelter-magazine market in Atlanta by delivering a "user's guide" to living in an urban culture.

"LoftLife is a map to facilitate the latest wave of urban renewal. We are launching during a pivotal time-period when Atlanta's downtown population is rapidly growing. The desire for open space, good design, and a cultural community coupled with the presence of endless traffic, an increasing environmental conscience, as well as the anonymity and seclusion of the suburbs are the main reasons people are opting for a lifestyle of loft living," states publisher Joe Resudek.

In the premiere issue, LoftLife introduces its Board of Experts, including design expert Sherry Jo Williams; Lydia Ivanditti, Director of the Atlanta Gallery Association; Florent Morellet, a prominent New Yorker and a major catalyst for landmarking the Meat Packing District as well as the development of the HighLine; and behavioral psychologist, Dr. Charna Mintz.

The cover story by Katie Black explores the history and transformation of The Stacks at Fulton Cotton Mill from its inception to its most recent adaptation as a loft building, and includes images from the home of Marae Simone, an Atlanta-based "condo stylist," who purchased a loft in the historic building because of its industrial allure.

Lucy Sexton's feature "Live/Work" provides a guide to easing the stress of transforming an open space and designing an environment suitable for both life and work.

A piece on the BeltLine project by real estate consultant John-Patrick McChesney takes a look at the nation's largest and most progressive urban redevelopment currently underway.

Original photography and writing engage readers who aspire to city living and sustainability, industrial preservation, adaptive reuse, and other issues important to this emerging demographic. In every issue you'll find sections like Wanted, where creative ideas for furnishing a loft are presented, and Walking Culture, which examines the cultural and community benefits of living in the city. Design Within Reach, BoConcept, and ZGallerie are among the advertisers in the Summer 2008 issue.

About LoftLife Magazine

LoftLife believes that, in the words of urbanist Jane Jacobs, "in order for a society to flourish, there must be a flourishing city at its core." The desire for open space, good design, and adaptive reuse combined with the cultural and community benefits of living in the city are the main reasons readers choose a lifestyle of loft living. LoftLife magazine is a guide to this brave new world. Beginning in May 2008, LoftLife magazine will appear as a quarterly — its website will be updated daily — featuring original photography and writing. LoftLife is published as part of a $10 billion media family which includes Metro, the world's largest daily circulation newspaper globally. Additionally, this group owns The Black Book, a 30-year-old source book featuring the work of top photographers and illustrators. For more information, please visit

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